Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Week 4

Well that's me in week 4 now. So far, I have found the Business Web Innovation course very interesting. I can't believe that I have learned so much within such a short space of time. This week we are working on wikis. I hadn't ever used a wiki before, and now I have managed to set up my own (00sharon00.wilispace.com). I am currently researching other students and businesses wikis, to give me a better insight into what to put into my own.

We have a group task this week, and me and my team (Shirley, Darren and Gary) have collaboratively set up a wiki (11thewikiwonders11.wikispace.com) for our weeks 3 and 4 e-activity. We need to use the wiki to discuss the uses, advantages and disadvantages of wikis. Looks like I am gonna be spending most of my study time for this course on the web. This is a much more fun and flexible way of learning.

I''ll update you at the end of the week as to how our wiki is getting on.

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