Sunday, 28 February 2010


As promised, here is my update on what I have learned about Wikis. I have mainly been looking into the advantages and disadvantages of wikis.

The main advantages are:

Wikis are as simple as: edit, add, save.
Anyone can create a Wiki website.
Anyone can join in a Wiki.
Wikis are useful and organised sites on the web.
Each version is kept.
Everyone can bring something to a Wiki discussion.
Wikis can be very useful to find specific information.
Wikis are unique and can be used to look for more unusual information.
Wikis are easy, free and fun!

The main disadvantages are:

Wikis allow anyone to leave their comments.
This may allow for inappropriate comments to be left.
You can't always see who has made the changes.
Comments and posts can't be screened.
Wikis may allow inaccurate information to be displayed under your name.

I found the best way to familiarise myself with Wikis was to actually go into my wikispace and just try different things. I found the tutorials on very usefull as well. Another useful tool that I found was to use youtube videos and I found this a very easy and fun way to learn. I found this particular youtube clip both entertaining as well as educational:

Ill be back to update my Blog during the week.

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