Saturday, 27 March 2010

Week 7

In week 7, we learned about Saas, RSS and mashups.

I had never heard of Saas before, but after the lecture it was quite clear to me what it is. I looked into the Cybershift website, and looks very much like the Project Management software that I used in college. I can see why organisations would value the use of this software.

RSS is something that I have seen on webpages before, but I have never used it. Now that I know how to subscribe to feeds, I shall use this on a regular basis.

I had previously heard of mashups, but I never actually knew what it was. I don't use an MP3 player, so this is probably part of the reason. My knowledge of mash-ups is still quite vague so I shall have to do more web based research on this.

I am still working on my group project, but I have changed my social networking site to research from LinkedIn to MySpace, as I find this site much easier to navigate. Our presentations are next week, so fingers crossed!

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