Sunday, 25 April 2010

Week 10

In the lecture this week, we learned about the management of Web 2.0, which included the implementation, return on investment, operational issues, barriers and ethics. I wasn't surprised to hear about some of the issues arising from the massive popularity of web 2.0, as I see articles in the news every week about it.

We were told on the massive impact that facebook had on President Obama's history making election campaign, YES WE CAN, and after browsing the page I have decided to follow the UK's general election campaign online using facebook. This should be interesting.

With regards to Implementation strategies, I am amazed at how much the success factor of Web 2.0 is primarily down to the power of numbers.

I can see how the ROI is very difficult to measure, but now that we have seen that it is possible by using a simple cost and benefits analysis.

In our seminar, we were given a task to complete about the use of Web 2.0 in SME's. This is due for completion next week, so I'll update you then.

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