Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Week 9

This week we had a guest lecturer called Arlene Newbigging Grady, who done a similar course to us about fifteen years ago in the university. She delivered a presentation on social marketing to us. It was very interesting to find out how and why companies use social marketing to promote their brands and generate new customers.

It was also good to hear from an ex student who has obviously done very well for herself. I found her presentation to be very useful. It would be good to have more guest lecturers throughout the course.

In the seminar, we delivered our presentations on Peckish Foods using GoogleDocs. I carried out my research on MySpace and I put alot of time into my side of the presentation. Unfortunately though, I had two rather difficult team mates to work with. We didn't get to meet up before actually carrying out the presentation as the other members of my team didn't think that there was any need to. I personally feel that the presentation went well, considering the difficulties that our team encountered, but it would have been even better if we had ran through it a couple of times first.

I noticed that all of the teams used GoogleDocs to deliver their findings to then class. Looking back, we could have experimented more with different ways of carrying out the presentation. To be honest, I don't think that we were given enough information on the different options available to us in class. We could have learned more about using YouTube, MovieMaker and Slideshare. I think that this is why everyone played it safe and used GoogleDocs.

This has probably been the least enjoyable part of the Business Web Innovation unit that I have completed yet, and considering that we spent 4 weeks on it, I feel that I should have learned more from it. This may again be due to the fact that I wasn't comfortable with my team-mates.

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