Thursday, 29 April 2010

Week 11

In the last lecture of the course, we learned about the technologies within Web 2. These include: HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX and SQL.

We also looked at Enterprise 2.0, which is basically how of Web 2.0 and social networking can be used as an effective business tool. This was very interesting as I never realised the possibilities that using this technologies could bring to an organisation. I would definitely say that Enterprise 2.0 is the way to go for businesses future success.

The final topic in the lecture looked into Web 3.0, which is called the Semantic Web. I personally don't feel ready for the change, as I think that we are just getting to grips with Web 2.0 and we have not yet explored the full potential that it has as both a personal as well as a business tool. I also tried to locate then on the web, and found it difficult to get a clear picture of what it is actually going to bring to the web. It was very interesting, however, to compare it to a Database, and interesting to see that some of the terminology that is used is also the same. This has made it a little more clear for me to understand. I think that when Web 3.0 takes off, there will be a huge requirement from organisations to ensure that their employees are competent using Microsoft Access, to the same extent that many people are with Microsoft Word.

I think that we have to be careful that we are not moving into dangerous territory with the semantic web, as it seems to me to be more of a substitute for real life and may not be as much fun as using Web 2.0.

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